What does good attendance look like?

Beverly Middle School recognizes the importance of attendance and its relationship to academic success. Did you know...
  • By 6th grade, absenteeism is one of three signs that a student may drop out of high school.
  • By 9th grade, attendance is a better predictor of graduation rates than 8th grade test scores.
  • Missing an average of 2 days a month can affect a student’s academic success. 

If your child must be absent from school, please be sure to contact our main office at your earliest convenience before the start of the school day by calling (978) 921-6103 before 7:40 a.m. or send an email to [email protected]

Attendance Matters graphic
  • which absences are "excused"
  • how to determine when to keep a sick child home and when to send them back to school
  • chronic health conditions and absences
  • how the school contacts you when students are absent without notification
  • BMS actions to address absenteeism
For more about the importance of school attendance and how you as a parent or guardian can ensure your child is present, see: Keep Your Child On Track in Middle and High School: Pay Attention to Attendance