Track Season - Last Meet

Yesterday, the BMS track and field team completed their regular season with a meet at Danvers. There were solid performances from both the boys and girls teams and across grade levels too.
8th Grader Grace Corbett won the hurdles, mile and 800meters. Sammy Hayward and Katty Kwapiniewski were quickest over 100 meters and Ellie Dietze, Caylee Chakoutis and Julia Marks impressed in the 400 meters.
In the boys races, Gray Mackey and Antonio Schultz were our leaders in the hurdles, Ronnie Ford was quickest over 100 meters, Jordan Downey completed a lap quicker than anyone and 6th Grader Owen Lopez was our quickest in the 800 and mile.
It was a very hot day and the most admirable thing to see was competing when the conditions got tough. Honorable shout out to Emma Lopez and Juju Marenghi, who crushed those final 50 meters when the mind and body were saying, "Ouch!".
Jordan Downey got 1st in boys high jump and Belle Groff (6th grader) won 3rd in girls high jump.  
The BMS track team now moves on to the NEC championship next week. Well done to all of our team this year which had over 100 students. The top 25 boys and girls will compete for BMS next week in Gloucester.